Happiness in a hurry

That is what stared at me from a food advert yesterday: ‘Happiness in a hurry’. We pass hundreds of advertisements a day, they are literally everywhere, in shop windows crowding the street, on the newspaper that lies next to the sidewalk, the back window of a car, on your smartphone, at your office building, on the side […]


When you feel like you’re about to explode and things are just going horrible wrong. Take a second to just breathe. Calm yourself, literally stop everything and just sit and breathe. Taking that short time off will perform miracles, I promise. When you just hit pause in a stressful situation, you can gather yourself. You’ll realise […]


This is something I learnt/realised this year, and unfortunately it only comes with age and life experiences. As a teenager/young adult I would observe my mother’s behaviour and vow never to react the same way, or get upset about the same (seemingly unimportant) things. Now that I’m older, I realise I do things differently and […]