In a world where you have 600 friends on facebook but only 6 you really want to spend time with, it’s clearer than ever that a healthy soul requires quality, not quantity. Life seems to have become increasingly faster, everything is instant; food, messages, everything. We want to do more in a shorter period of […]


  This one links with Acceptance. Before begin able to improve yourself, you have to identify the things you don’t like about yourself, as well as the triggers that cause your less than appealing-outbursts. For me, that usually entails something like people wasting my time. Although I can’t necessarily change the way they think and operate, […]


Upon your journey of change, remember to focus on the good stuff! You’re making progress, so compliment yourself on it. Reenforcing positiviy in your life will help you exude a confident energy. When you seem positive and happy, people will tend to return that energy to you and others around them. Not only are you […]