Failure is Success in Progress

Failure. It’s something that most of us fear. And rightly so. It’s in our nature to want to be good at something, to get approval on what we do, and to be successful. But here’s the thing. To be good at something, you have to be bad at it a couple hundred times. To get […]

Tinder is Great for Meeting Yourself

Tinder is a very popular online dating app. It’s a platform where you can meet new people, possibly a love interest, new friend or the perfect match. But after using Tinder for a few weeks, I realised it isn’t just for getting to know new people, it’s about getting to know yourself.

Tinder isn’t as Bad as You Think

A few months ago I finally made my debut on Tinder. Needless to say, I was terrified. The idea of putting myself out there, opening the door to possible rejection, awkward conversations, etc. is quite disturbing. But then I realised I’m already doing that in real life. Tinder is essentially a virtual version of meeting people, […]

Another Birthday

I just celebrated my 23rd birthday and I must say, getting older is fantastic. A few years ago, I had a bit of a life crisis before my 21st birthday. I felt like I haven’t achieved anything, I felt close to death, I was unsure of the future, fed up with the present… it was just […]


This is something I learnt/realised this year, and unfortunately it only comes with age and life experiences. As a teenager/young adult I would observe my mother’s behaviour and vow never to react the same way, or get upset about the same (seemingly unimportant) things. Now that I’m older, I realise I do things differently and […]


I recently completed the 100 Happy Days Challenge and it actually inspired me to write this blog series on The ABC of Self-improvement. The challenge was to post a picture on social media about something that made you happy for 100 consecutive days. It did present it’s challenges, but I got to know myself a lot better […]

That kiss

You’re standing in the dark, the moonlight barely breaks the darkness, few faint raindrops fall from the sky. You look at each other, not expecting what comes next. And then it happens. That kiss that wasn’t supposed to happen but you wished with all your heart that it would. That kiss that makes everything else […]