Life and Baking: Fail, Learn, Repeat

Have you ever baked something and thought it was perfect, only to serve it to people, taste it, and realise something went terribly wrong? Yeah, that happened to me, on New Year’s Eve (what a way to start 2019 right? <facepalm>)

Looks can be deceiving. Just look at this cheesecake. It’s beautiful. It has that creamyย butter yellow colour. The filling just started to crack from baking, and the crust looking delightfully crisp in comparison to the smooth, velvety filling. But what you can’t see is the 200ml sugar that I forgot to add…

So even though this cheesecake looks perfect, it was very far from it. But luckily, I’m a ‘look on the bright side’, ‘it could be worse’, and ‘there must be a silver lining’ kinda woman, so I immediately started thinking, ‘OK. I messed up. Now, how can I fix it?’

This type of thinking is really important in life. We’re going to make mistakes, but the important thing is that those mistakes don’t keep us from living our lives, getting up and trying again.

So even though 2018 ended on a bit of a disappointed note, it taught me a valuable lesson to take with me into 2019:

Improvise. Adapt. Don’t give up. Failure really is just an opportunity to grow. Don’t let one ‘bad’ cheesecake keep you from baking another. I’ll never, ever, EVER forget to add sugar to my cheesecakes again, thanks to this one mistake. This one flop will make me a better cheesecake baker in the long run.

So I’m going to let this one cheesecake be an analogy for other ‘failures’ in my life. Things might not go according to plan and I might fail terribly, but that just means I’m living life and learning as I go along, which is the only way to live in any case.

Oh, and I fixed the sugarless cheesecake by dousing it with sweet strawberry jam and turning it into a strawberry cheesecake! It actually tasted great.

So, don’t let your mistakes get you down. Learn from it, be fearless in your life and go forth and bake your cheesecake with pride!

P.S.ย Here’s a link to the correct recipe (sugar included ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

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