When the Going Gets Tough, Get Growing

This little plant is proof that the most incredible growth happens when you’re in the toughest situations.

I know life has been tough on you. And there have been moments where you’ve wanted to give up. Where you thought; it’s just not worth it. It’s not worth the pain and suffering, the sadness, the endless conflict, the exhaustion, the constant beating of getting your hopes up only to see it shattered at your feet.

I know it’s been rough. It’s been more difficult than it needs to be. But you’re making it. You’re here. You choose to soldier on. You choose to power through. You get up, stand your ground, believe in yourself and choose to carry on. And I just want to say good on you for not giving up. Good on you for staying strong no matter how hard it gets. Good on you for allowing yourself to fall, but to believe in yourself enough to get back up again.

You are strong and nothing can get you down unless you allow it to. Remember that the next time things get rough.

There will be bad times and they will trample you into the ground. But don’t let it be the end. Let it give you the motivation to grow and the power to be even stronger than before.


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