How My Life Changed When I Stopped Drinking Sugar In My Coffee

I know you’re expecting to read some wonderful I’m-no-longer-a-sugar-addict story, or that I miraculously lost 5kgs since I’ve picked up this healthy habit, but no. It’s not one of those stories. It’s actually very boring; because to tell you the truth, I don’t feel the changes I expected.

It really does taste better without sugar.

It really does taste better without sugar.

For years I’ve drunk one, at times two, teaspoons of sugar in my coffee, but since the beginning of this year, I’ve been drinking it with just milk. No sugar.

I expected my body to go into an absolute rage; I thought my taste buds would reject the coffee due to its bitterness, my brain would tell me to be tired without my jolt of morning sugar, and I anticipated that I would feel depressed because my coffee didn’t taste the way it used to. But really, I felt no change, and that’s the biggest shock! I genuinely thought it would be impossible to go without my 5 grams of sugar in my morning cuppa, but hey, it was much easier than I thought!

So okay, my life didn’t change as I’d expected it to, but the one thing that is different is my amazement at how easily we can change our unhealthy habits into better ones. Just try something with an open mind and stick to it. Start walking. Switch your coffee for tea. Drink more water. Eat more veggies than usual, or whatever it is that you think you can change in your life to be more healthy. I think you’ll find it surprisingly easy and more rewarding than you ever thought it could be.

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