Tinder isn’t as Bad as You Think

A few months ago I finally made my debut on Tinder. Needless to say, I was terrified. The idea of putting myself out there, opening the door to possible rejection, awkward conversations, etc. is quite disturbing. But then I realised I’m already doing that in real life.
Tinder is essentially a virtual version of meeting people, but this dating app is actually more fair than everyday life.


Swipe Right to the idea of Tinder – you’ve got nothing to lose.

One of my colleagues dislikes Tinder because he finds it superficial (this particular colleague also doesn’t like coffee, so I don’t always take him that seriously, but he’s a smart guy, so I listened to his argument). I did however, disagree with him. People are superficial, period. Whether I’m looking at a guy walking past me on the street or checking out his Tinder profile; in both instances I am judging his appearance. And in both cases, I will decide whether or not to avoid eye contact/smile based on how he looks. With Tinder however, you have the option of saying so much more about yourself than just what clothes you happened to have been wearing when I spotted you walking on the sidewalk. Tinder lets you use your words, and boy that makes an incredible difference.

Being able to describe yourself/say something in your bio, gives your personality the chance to take the spotlight. If I read you love dogs, go hiking and enjoy wine tasting, then I will most definitely be interested. But if I just saw a picture of you and your buddies on a trail, then chances are I might have swiped left. However, if some random guy across the street yelled that he loves hiking, I would probably walk in the opposite direction. With Tinder, you clearly have the advantage.

So yes, people on Tinder can be superficial, but they will also be superficial in real life. I like Tinder because I’m not the type of person to smile at a stranger, or yell “I love hiking” when I see a nice guy. But I will say it in my bio (along with a cool pic of me hiking up to the caves on Lion’s Head mountain).

Swipe Right to Tinder! In my opinion it gives you a much better chance at finding someone who is genuinely interested in you, your personality and what you have to say. And even if you don’t get a perfect match, it’s an incredible way to get to know yourself a lot better.

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