2016 Resolutions

Let 2016 be an extension of a successful 2015!

This year, I am going to build on last year’s resolutions and the manner in which I realised them. Setting realistic goals that help make your dreams come true is the best way to make sure they happen, and checking on your progress every four months is a great way for staying accountable for them!

So, without further ado:

  • The most important one for this year: Stop postponing things – do it now. This is something I really struggle with, but as soon as I stop postponing things, I get a lot more productive, and to me, that’s a great way of living life!
  • Hike even more than in 2015
  • I want to travel locally, even if it just means getting into the car and going for a drive to discover a padstal with amazing coffee or to enjoy a scenic drive up the coast
  • Embrace new experiences – getting out of my comfort zone. This one is always relevant, as your comfort zone moves every time you overcome it
  • And finally, not eating McDonald’s (only Oreo McFlurries are allowed sometimes)

So there it is! The plan for 2016. I hope to accomplish this and much more in this year. Only time will tell…

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