Happiness in a hurry


That is what stared at me from a food advert yesterday: ‘Happiness in a hurry’.

We pass hundreds of advertisements a day, they are literally everywhere, in shop windows crowding the street, on the newspaper that lies next to the sidewalk, the back window of a car, on your smartphone, at your office building, on the side of a cereal box… Everyday we are bombarded with people and companies trying to sell us ideas and usually we don’t even really see them. They have become part of the background, a filling for our eyes to ignore, a simple thing that you read and forget about.

But I can’t forget this King Pie ad.

I missed my bus by probably a minute and was agitated for waiting half an hour for the next one to arrive when I looked up and across the street, this massive billboard with a picture of a pie was projecting towards me, with huge scrawled letters forming the phrase ‘Happiness in a hurry’. I stared at it, read it, read it again, and again and again until I realised that that one billboard, that one advert selling unhealthy processed fast food, is showcasing the essence of what is wrong with our generation.
We want happiness in a hurry, we want success in an instant. We don’t want to invest time and effort and patiently see something beautiful grow. No, we want to put our lives in microwaves, wait around for 30 seconds until we hear the peep, peep, peep that signifies that we are done, we are complete, we are ready-to-be-perfect.

But happiness doesn’t work like that. Success doesn’t come in an instant, and you can’t rush true fulfillment. Peace is not something you can achieve with a hurried mindset or a cutting corners, pop-a-pill-and-see-results-attitude.

Just stand still for a few minutes, don’t get mad that you missed the bus by a few seconds and just stop and think about how you are living your life. Don’t get caught up in the fast food, instahappy craze that is our society. Have patience, be diligent, focus on the good and enjoy the fulfillment of improving your life, one slow happy moment at a time.

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