The mountain is calling

This year, I’m making it happen.

I always say I want to go hiking. I always say, we need to go there. I always end up saying it, again and again, but the mountains remain unconquered and the trails remain undiscovered.

Until this year.

I decided that I will go hiking. I decided we should go there. And I’m doing it.

The difference between saying you should do something and doing something is a choice and commitment.

I decided that I need to start making different choices and that I need to pledge a promise to myself to actually live my life and not just have a Pinterest Board displaying the trails I want to hike. Because I might not have the privilege of ticking off items on my bucket list in a year or two’s time.Β And when that time comes, I want to able to say: “I’ve done everything I want to, I have lived”.

And after 2 hikes in January (and one planned for Saturday) I’m surprised how quickly I’ve gotten into a healthy routine of researching, planning and actually committing to hiking! And the best part is, people around me have started doing the same thing.

Don’t be afraid to be determined about your dreams. Embrace life and start living it, even if you seem alone at first. Once people see how happy and accomplished you feel, they’ll soon follow suite and you’ll start to wonder how youΒ could have lived so aimlessly through life before.

Here’s to the mountains we’re going to conquer. Here’s to the trails we’ll discover (those on the maps and those we will find on our adventures). Here’s to us, living our lives.

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