The Year of Health

Credit to John Carson Photography.

The Fairview goat seems to have a positive outlook on life.


It’s that time of the year and in spite of my reluctance to jump on the resolution bandwagon, in the end (or should I say beginning) I decided to set goals for myself.

I do however have a slight alteration to the Classic Resolution. I struggle to finish projects and maintain my goals, so I decided to have quarter resolutions and not just annual resolutions. It should be far easier to review my progress every three months and gain new inspiration than merely feeling guilty every January…

So instead of jotting down a numbered list like I did in 2013 this year I chose a theme and as it happens, this year’s theme is health. As a 20-something I tend to not always put my health first, or I only focus on certain parts of health, like getting enough sleep and eating healthy, but then I skip out on exercise and friendliness. So this year, my aim is to achieve AND MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle that will hopefully be the good start to the rest of my life.

From smiling more often and ordering the small and not large beers, to daily exercise and more veggies, I’m planning on making this a healthier year than ever before. Yes, I’m still going to drink the occasional soda (even though it’s really bad for you) and I am sometimes going to skip out on exercise, but overall I think I’ll be more motivated to not guilt-trip myself into a healthier life, but rather be inspired to keep trying to be a little better everyday.

As it turns out, 2015 is also the Year of the Goat and I was also born in this same Chinese Zodiac sign and according to the Chinese, it’s a good year to be healthy!

So, regardless of whether or not you made resolutions, already broke them or have been following them dutifully, try to be better this year. Try to accomplish your goals and check up on yourself regularly. Seek inspiration everywhere and constantly remind yourself that there is nothing standing in your way that you can’t change to become a better you.

3 thoughts on “The Year of Health

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