Another Birthday

The more candles on the cake, the brighter the future.

The more candles on the cake, the brighter the future.

I just celebrated my 23rd birthday and I must say, getting older is fantastic.

A few years ago, I had a bit of a life crisis before my 21st birthday. I felt like I haven’t achieved anything, I felt close to death, I was unsure of the future, fed up with the present… it was just a very gloomy birthday. Luckily that passed, and with the coming of age I gained some wisdom as well.

Now, it’s 2 years later and I feel like I’ve grown much more than a mere 730 days.

I feel happy in who I am.
I’ve learned so much about myself, be it through experiences, both horrible and amazing, or just through basic introspection. The latter sometimes worse than the former, reflecting on oneself is both a scary and courageous thing to do, but I have to say, being that honest with yourself is one of the most rewarding things you can experience.

You learn your limits, and which ones you want to break. You get to know the real you, not the one you pretended to be in your pre-adult years. You reject the negative things and embrace the good things; this applies to characteristics of yourself, as well as anything outside of you, like work, people, situations, etc.

Everything is changing, but I like it
Everything is constantly changing. I just finished studying, so moving around, job hunting, meeting new people and losing old friends, it’s all part of the process. Things change, I change and it’s a good thing. Change is extremely positive and necessary in life, especially now.

I can look back
I’ve lived long enough to be able to look back on my life and value what I’ve accomplished. It’s so easy as a young adult, slowly but surely building your own empire, to only look at your present “failures” and forget how far you’ve come to where you are today. Of course it’s important to plan your future and work on it, but never forget how much you’ve learned in the past, what you’ve accomplished to be where you are today.

So, looking back at 20-year old me, I’m glad I had that gloomy outlook on life, it was an early wake up call to appreciate the good things to come. And now that they are here, and the candles are burning brighter than ever, I’m enjoying every second of it and looking forward to the future of adult enlightenment.

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