Life = Cupcake

Bake a second chance.

Bake a second chance.

Baking has always instilled fear in my heart. I was horrible. My fudge either resembled a sticky toffee mess, or was burnt to look like something from Middle Earth. Not pleasant. My baking excursions usually ended with dessert in the trash, and me crying on the kitchen floor.

So, needless to say, I decided from an early point in my life that I don’t like baking, I’m not good at it, and I don’t need to experience utter failure in the kitchen ever again.

But, as with human nature, we tend to try and try again. Thank goodness for that.

One of my favourite TV shows is 2 Broke Girls. I absolutely love it. These short 20 minute episodes are filled with clever comebacks, hilarious scenarios and of course my favourite, humor for the dirty-minded. Now this series has inspired me to bake again, all thanks to Max’s home-made cupcakes. Near the end of season 1, Max bakes this incredible weird cupcake, the Maple Bacon Springbreak Cupcake. And I decided I have to try it!

Now if you watch the series you’ll know Max is really robust, tough and nothing can get her down. She’s like the cupcake that’s so incredible it’s made out of beer – which is pretty impressive really.
Caroline on the other hand is a lot more sweet, girly girlish and scares easily. Like the icing on a cupcake…
So really together they resemble this cupcake. And this cupcake kind of represents life.

Yes I have now entered the philosophy of life = cupcake. But hear me out.

In life we crave things with substance (the batter part of the cupcake). Things like security in finances, romance, personal well-being, etc, etc. But we also like the sweet things in life, which is the icing of course! It’s the finishing touch on our lives, our personalities; like guilty pleasures, our favourite things, habits and the frivolous things we love, but tend not to shout from the rooftops. Mine is without a doubt stuffing my face with a chip roll (but the really oily, vinegar fish n chips store type), but don’t tell anyone :D.

Of course, some times the cupcake falls flat, or you don’t have enough sugar for the icing, or you prefer to eat just the cupcake and leave the icing out completely.

But that’s life. Sometimes your cupcake doesn’t decorate perfectly. Or it’s burnt, or someone ate the last one! Goodness, there’s so much that can go wrong. At least you can always try again with the next batch. And each time you’re more prepared, wiser and know a little more about the art of cupcaking. But you always have to get off the floor, dust off the flour and take another chance.

I don’t like adding my life story and recipe on the same page, so for the delicious recipe, head over to this post.

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