The small things become big smiles.

Yes, yes I am fully aware that the title is not an actual word, but my other options for words starting with the letter ‘x’ were xylophone and xylitol. None of those seemed very appropriate.

So, in the spirit of modern day adaptations of words and spelling, I opted for X-itement. Deriving from the word ‘excitement’ I’m focusing on the things that makes you smile; the weekend trip away, your paycheck at the end of the month and the kiss from someone that loves you.

Now it seems to me that adults aren’t getting that excited anymore, because we have suffered too much disappointment in life. Now I’m not saying it’s wrong, we do it to survive, because a broken heart, or a failed plan, is only fun for so long. Children on the other hand, they’re still allowing themselves to become excited, they are filled with this incredible sense of wonder and appreciation for the world. They believe without evidence to disprove them, they accept what they can’t see and they enjoy life’s tiniest pleasures. That’s my belief of why children are overall happier than adults.

Now immediately I can hear pessimists mumbling that children don’t have responsibilities, they are naive and don’t carry any knowledge of the ‘ real world’. Now I hate to break it to you, but they’re the ones living in the real world, whereas we are being governed by our created realities. I believe responsibilities and awe and appreciation for the small things can (and should) co-exist. You can be a successful, responsible adult and still take pleasure in life’s tiny wonders; the sunrise, the smell of good coffee in the morning, the smiling stranger walking with their happy child in the park…

Life is constantly giving us small things to smile about, but if you only wait for the big things; going away for a whole weekend, getting your qualification, a promotion, your own house… you’ll soon discover that you’ve been waiting your whole life to be happy, without ever being happy. Although these are momentous occasions, they shouldn’t be the only joyous things in your life.

Enjoy the small moments, because all those little things are what makes up the whole of your life. Make it a happy one.

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