Words become eternal through the act of writing.

In order to become a better person, you have to keep track of your progress, you have to find a certain place, a medium to inspire yourself to be better. For me ons of those places of encouragement is writing.

Why did I choose writing?

Well I’ve always been a creative soul and at night, just before I drift into sleep, I’d get all these amazing ideas of things I have to do, debates I want to have and catchy yet meaningful to write about. But then sleep takes over, I wake up and all those productive creative thoughts have vanished into a too distant memory.

So one day, the same thing happenend. I was busy falling asleep when I thought to write short pieces on how to become a better person. And instead of falling asleep after the idea of using the alphabet as a guideline to self-improvement popped into my head, I decided to follow my own advice; be better, get my lazy ass out of bed, get out my laptop and start writing. And so this blog series was born.

It started with a bad experience, developed into a pre-sleep idea and grew into this personal project. It’s far from over, cause improvement is a life long journey,but my thoughts and pieces of encouragement will eternally guide me on my path.

I chose writing to be my inspiration, my safe space to grow and become better.

What have you chose?

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