Climb every mountain

Climb every mountain

What you put in is what you get out

Living healthily has an incredible impact on your outlook of life, how you handle challenges and your attitude. Your general well-being contributes to your spiritual health and with it, can make you a better person, because you value health and life itself.

Health and well-being is something we take for granted. And we all do it. We only value and appreciate it when we don’t have it. Like when you’ve got something as common as the flu. It’s those moments when you’re lying in bed, wondering if the pain will ever go away, if you’ll ever be able to have a day without a headache, or wonder whether your sore throat will heal. Those are moments you long for your health that you so simply accept as a guarantee.

But it’s not.

Your health can abandon you in seconds, you can lose many abilities and never get them back. So while you still have it, appreciate your health and use it! Don’t make up excuses and say, ‘I’ll climb that mountain next year’  or I’ll go for a jog tomorrow. Do it now, because next year, simply climbing out of bed might be a mountain to you.


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