The person that reads lives a thousand lives, and what better way to learn through mistakes when they aren’t your own?

Reading gives you that incredible insight into another person’s life, their feelings, emotions, thoughts, experiences, things that you can never experience with another human being. It’s this first hand look at another life, one that can be extremely similar or vastly different from your own.

It also enlightens you on so many levels, I won’t even attempt to comprehend it all in this little blog of mine. Point is, reading makes you a better person. You get clued up on the world around you (yes fiction also counts; fiction is merely a representation of factual happenings in a fantasy environment) and you broaden your own horizons. Doing so, you get a better understanding of other people, and yourself. That makes you a nice person to be around, because you can relate to someone, even when you differ greatly.

Get some quiet me time, find a book that you love and it will change your life forever. And always for the better.


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