Let your inner child loose so the grown ups can come out to play.

Let your inner child loose so the grown ups can come out to play.

People take life too seriously. What’s this about when you become an adult you have to grow up? No thanks, I’ll stay in Never Never Land. The reason why children are happier than adults have to do a lot more with their amazement with life, than their lack of responsibility. Ever since you crossed that bridge from childhood to adulthood and passed the town of Teen Years, you have slowly but surely been introduced to the wails of life, scrutiny of society and a whole bunch of other negative things that weren’t present in your glorious days as a kid.

Now I ask, why do we, as you know, responsible, rational adults, submit ourselves to this negative lifestyle? Why should we grow up and “behave like an adult”? Now I’m not saying eat your crayons and only play outside the whole day long, but get back your sense of wonder. Play with life and enjoy it like a child would. Make the most of everyday, revel in something as plain as a good cup of coffee, seeing the first flowers of spring or seeing a friend unexpectedly for a quick chat at the supermarket.

I can promise you, if adults stopped worrying about unnecessary things, lived in the moment and just decided to be happy, you and the world around you will be a better place.

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