This one does seem a bit cliche, but cliches often have the most truth.

This one does seem a bit cliche, but cliches often have the most truth.

Love is one of those necessary things you just can’t live without. Without that feeling of belonging, knowing that someone cares, feeling safe, having a place to call home, knowing what makes you happy; without love this world would be a horrible place.

The thing about love is you have to share it to be able to accept it. The joy we get from love has maximum effect when you put it out into the world and someone accepts it and return it to you tenfold. For me that is the best version of love you can find. Even when life deals you a bad hand, you’ll always be able to look on the bright side when you have that in your life, be it with someone, a pet, a cause, or yourself.

Loving yourself is a monumental issue that every person has to deal with at some point in their life, but probably for most of it. We all have issues with ourselves, be it reasonable, completely unnecessary or oblivious; all of us have some other we need to face to be able to say we love ourselves completely. Having a positive and self-accepting demeanour not only makes you enjoy your life more, people will love spending time with you.

Love is a necessary emotion, entity, feeling, thing we need in our lives. On the road of self-improvement you have to realise you must love to be a better person. Start by loving yourself, and others will soon follow suit.


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