Joy in a cup

Joy in a cup

This one is the worst. Jealousy can really eat you alive, believe me I know. You get that burning feeling building inside you, your limbs go numb and you can literally feel yourself becoming infuriated. Trust me, it’s not nice! But, I believe when it comes to, eg. relationships, when you really trust your (trustworthy) partner, even the most jealousy-prone people (moi) won’t have that tendency to become jealous when you are in a good relationship.

Anyway, don’t be jealous. Even though you think you want something someone else has, chances are they are jealous of you too for something you have that they don’t. If you become jealous of someone/something, it’s probably your psyche trying to tell you to back away, it’s not good for you. I’m not talking about envying your best friend’s boots or even her really toned legs. I’m talking about being jealous of a person, as a whole, or of their boyfriend. Yikes. Just get out of there as fast as you can.

Instead of focusing on what other people have that you don’t, rather think of the things that you do have. As I’m writing this I need a serious pick me up, but thinking about the many, many things I can be thankful for, that are uniquely me, I already feel slightly better. (When I’m gonna go grab that Lindt hot chocolate now I will be A ok! )


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