Get your life in focus.

Get your life in focus.


This one links with Acceptance. Before begin able to improve yourself, you have to identify the things you don’t like about yourself, as well as the triggers that cause your less than appealing-outbursts. For me, that usually entails something like people wasting my time. Although I can’t necessarily change the way they think and operate, I can recognise the situation and mentally prepare myself for it.

Knowing what works on your nerves, gives you the power to stay away from it. You can try not to be irritable, but chances are it won’t last long, despite your best efforts. Try and control the things you can, walk away, get up earlier, or do whatever it is you need to do, to be your best self. I’ve tried counting to 10… it doesn’t help. But, walking away when I get angry, so far that’s working for me. For now.

Zoom in on those imperfections and make them work for you, not on your nerves.


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