The you-don’t-really-need-it,-but-it-makes-you-happy latte.

Be grateful. It seems like something that’s so obvious to do and yet it happens so seldom. For example, you wake up, fit as a fiddle, healthy with good food to eat right there in your kitchen and a spring in your step, yet you don’t appreciate it. Then. One dat you wake up with a cold or flu and feel like dying. Only then do you realise how much you under appreciate your health.

Being grateful doesn’t have to be limited to major milestones like a new job or having money to buy a house. It should be the little things that can so easily go unnoticed, like the singing of the birds early in the morning, the fact that you can smell the rain, having enough extra money to buy that latte you love so much but don’t really need, but it makes you happy, etc. etc.

Once you start to appreciate all the little things, you realise they aren’t so little and that you have a million things to be grateful for.

I personally hate it when I have to instill positivity through thinking of those less fortunate. Instead of thinking, this situation could be worse, there are people that don’t have 10 pairs of shoes to choose from, I could have been poor, I focus on rather just being thankful for life. Because really, that’s everything you need to be thankful for.

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