Enjoy life!

It may sound cliché, but you really only have one and why waste it? Enjoy the big things, milestones, but also those small things that sometime become so regular that you don’t notice them anymore. The sunrise, that cosy feeling you get when you huddle under your covers, drinking the perfect cup of coffee and realising how lucky you are to be living a free life that you are in total control of.

Don’t care what people think. If you want to stop on the sidewalk and pick a flower, or just admire it’s natural beauty and instagram it… do it! It’s your life, it’s up to you to live it and enjoy every second.

I know that sometimes we hit a rough patch and it seems like nothing good can come from it, but if you just hang in there and appreciate the smaller details of life, you’ll notice that everything starts looking up real soon!

Just like a little flower can survive through the hard crack of cement, you too can be resilient and make something beautiful from the hard times.


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