Sometimes our realities are what upsets us and then it’s good to visit your dream world and put reality on hold for a bit.

Whether it be reading a good book, watching series or having a movie marathon on the couch – just switching your reality for someone else’s can do you wonders. Usually after putting yourself in a fictional character’s shoes, you realise that your life isn’t so bad and you can hit play on your life with a little more positivity than before.

What also helps is to just dream about your future. If it’s work that’s upsetting you, remember why you’re there, whether it be grunting it out for a year to be able to qualify for that promotion you are working for, or sticking it out through the rough patch to save up for that dream holiday you’ve been planning. Whatever it is, remember that the bad things pass and once the good times arrive, you’ll forget all about the bad past.


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