Upon your journey of change, remember to focus on the good stuff! You’re making progress, so compliment yourself on it. Reenforcing positiviy in your life will help you exude a confident energy. When you seem positive and happy, people will tend to return that energy to you and others around them. Not only are you helping yourself, but you’re helping others be happy and positive too!

Speaking of other people; when someone pays you a compliment, don’t rant on about where you bought the shoes, or wave it off as a good angle of the photographer. Genuinely thank them and take to heart that someone just took precious time out of their day, to let you know that the change is visible and you are creating a positive image. Although you should only care what you think, it doesn’t hurt when someone else can see the good things too.

Here’s to banishing the bad things, one sweet compliment at a time.

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