The Life of a Working Girl

Climbing the Career Ladder

Climbing the Career Ladder

I gaze out the window of a building in the city centre. I’m sitting on the 26th floor, doing something that I studied to become proficient in. I’m living my dream.

I recently graduated with feelings of dread; where will I find work? Will anybody hire me? And if not, will I have to resort to waiting tables in order to pay my bills? (which, incidentally, is a massive amount that no one tells you about beforehand!)

So when I walked out of the big building after a successful interview. I was happy beyond comprehension. I did it. I made it. Although the first two months of job hunting had become brutal, it wasn’t futile and I am now incredibly happy.

I remember the morning of my interview as I was getting dressed and running through the admin, I realized I want that job more than anything, it was on the 26th floor for crying out loud! Although it’s entry-level and it’s not exactly what I want to do forever, I think I got my career off to a fantastic start.

Here’s to making the most of it and keep working my butt off to go even higher.

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