Metamorphosis of the Unchanging Soul

Recently I was in a bit of a thundercloud (see the very sarcastic title “Whoopdee fucking doo” and very demure content of my last post).  But now I can see the sun shining again and not think of it as Satan’s way of scorching us with so called warm rays of sunshine.

It just made me realize how easily we humans can be influenced.  For me it was the realization of the horrible consequences to my terrible actions.  The having to face with the fact that sometimes things happen in life and you have absolutely no control over it at all.  All you can do is try to live with it and carry on.

Luckily, we don’t stay sad forever.  We are easily thrown into a pit of self-pitying and darkness, but we can climb out of it just as easily…if we want to.

I’ve never liked being felt sorry for.  I thought if I can ignore my emotions they would go away.  I said my heart was made of ice and could endure pain.  That was true, until the right guy came along and started melting it..


But I’m changing the topic… back to the pit of self-pity.


Things change.  People change.  What influences our very manipulative souls change.  And although many things change (whether we want them to or not) some things will always stay the same.  We just have  to learn to grin and bear it.

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