You can die of a broken heart. It’s not just a poor excuse for a bad day.  Personally I believe it’s one of the worst ways to die.  You lose life not because of injuries or accidents.  You lose the will to live because the person in this world that means most to you is not there anymore.

Odette in the ballet “Swan Lake” faces exactly this fate when her true love chose someone else.  This is my favourite ballet, but it is certainly one of the saddest love stories that ever existed.   When she realized that he did not love her,  she could not bear to live anymore.  Some might say it’s melodramatic, I think it makes perfect sense.  When you love someone with everything you are and they choose to share their love with someone else, you lose all rational thought and one pain becomes crystal clear through your tears; You weren’t good enough, they never really loved you and you’ve become a victim of the greatest con ever.  You sold your heart to an uninterested bidder and now you are only left with the loneliness that consumes your soul.

Even though it may not be true, for he may really love you, or never wanted to hurt you, but the pain remains and you want nothing more but to forget of the pain.  You feel stupid for ever believing that they could really love you, hurt for thinking that they were the one person that would always love you like they said they would. But most of all, you hate yourself for still believing that they really love you and actually want to be with you.

And so it’s understandable why Odette chose death, because when you truly love someone and they don’t love you back, the only solace you will find is in death.


The Swan's Last Song




Still, sweet, comforting death

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