Like Red Wine and Good Cheese

Where being old is a good thing

Where being old is a good thing

I’ve recently celebrated my 21st birthday and it’s as if a time switch went off somewhere in my psyche.

It’s as if I suddenly understand what my parents always went on about. Time efficiency is probably the greatest revelation that I acquired. Suddenly I hate standing in a queue in the mall, and I started driving 15 minutes earlier to miss the rush hour traffic.
Everything that I didn’t care about as a teenager has suddenly started to become extremely important.

I’m thinking like a grown up…- This is probably the beginning of the end for me 🙂 –

Enjoying good wine has become more important than getting totally smashed on cheap vodka (although that still has a very valid place in my life).

I’m guessing that this is the fun part in life where I have youth and the small seed of wisdom on my side.  So now that I have started to use the brain I was born with, I’m looking forward to the challenge of not using it too much and still enjoy life while I’m young and basically care free.

So, like my newly acquired taste for well matured cabernet sauvignon and blue cheese, I’m hoping I will also improve as time goes by.


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