The Butterfly Effect

Something extraordinary in the ordinary

Something extraordinary in the ordinary

It really is a magical moment.

I know that butterflies are just mere creatures like ant other insect; be it an ant or mosquito, but there is something awestriking about this aesthetic being.

That is probably why we always try so hard to catch them.  Admit it, we all have tried our best to hold one of these flying beauties captive in our hands, but luckily for them, we are usually to slow in movements to successfully catch them.

But what would happen if one day we did?

We set out this task, knowing that the chances are more than slim that we would actually open our hands and see the small, colourful wings gently opening and closing in the palm of our hands.

Sometimes we are lucky enough that they do grace us with their presence and for a few seconds you feel like you are part of something mystical, magical.  Something out of this world.

Unfortunately, as with everything else is life, happiness, love, anger, pleasure, jealousy. whatever your demon or virtue may be, it leaves you and then as you stand there completely broken seeing your magical moment slipping through your fingers, you are only left with the memory that once, in your life, you were part of something extraordinary.

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