Failure is Success in Progress

Failure. It’s something that most of us fear. And rightly so. It’s in our nature to want to be good at something, to get approval on what we do, and to be successful. But here’s the thing. To be good at something, you have to be bad at it a couple hundred times. To get approval from people; be it your parents, clients, or yourself, you need to struggle
a few thousand times before you can get that acceptance. And to succeed means to fail over and over again, but to also get up, learn from your mistakes, and be better than before.

A flower isn’t always in full bloom. But that doesn’t make it a failure.

I work in the creative industry and I have to create content for clients, and await their scrutiny on a daily basis. Sometimes I get it right the first time and they’re super happy and I feel #LikeABoss. Other times, I don’t get it right straight away. Then there’s a lot of back and forth, four different script versions, and then finally, everyone’s happy with the end result. This whole process of trying, failing, trying, failing, trying and failing can be tough and it can make you question your abilities and your worth.

Over the years I’ve learnt to see this back and forth not as indication of my failure, but rather as building blocks to success. Because even though it took four tries, in the end, the client was happy and I knew I delivered exactly the product they wanted.

So remember this: whether you’re a copywriter or an artist, a data analyst or learning to play a new instrument – just because you don’t get it 100% right the first time, doesn’t mean you failed. It simply means you’ve completed another step on the way to success.

Success is made up of fails. So don’t fear failure. Fear not trying. Fear not learning. Fear not giving it your all every day. Because when you do, then you know that each attempt isn’t failure. It’s the beginning of success.


A Love Letter to Myself

To my lovely Valentine (Me!)

You are such a lovely weirdo – you do you girl and you do it with pride. You’re keen on trying new things,
but you never sacrifice who you are for other people’s approval. Good job!

Why get a bouquet of roses when you can appreciate a whole garden?

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Life and Baking: Fail, Learn, Repeat

Have you ever baked something and thought it was perfect, only to serve it to people, taste it, and realise something went terribly wrong? Yeah, that happened to me, on New Year’s Eve (what a way to start 2019 right? <facepalm>)

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When the Going Gets Tough, Get Growing

This little plant is proof that the most incredible growth happens when you’re in the toughest situations.

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Top Nine of 2018

Newsfeeds are flooded with everyone’s Top Nine most liked Instagram photos. And I have to agree, it’s a cool way of looking back on the year and the biggest moments of 2018. But not all my big moments are on Instagram. And what’s important to me didn’t necessarily rack up all the likes on social media. So instead of focusing on the Top Nine images that people liked most on Instagram, I chose to look back on my top 9 favourite memories of 2018. Here they are:

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The Full Stop Is Dying and You Probably Didn’t Even Notice

You might be affronted by that heading, but if you go look at your recent chats, you’ll quickly see that the full stop, a once undisputed part of communication, is becoming redundant. Primarily used to indicate the end of a sentence, it is now either being replaced by new things like line breaks, single speech bubbles on WhatsApp, emojis and hashtags, or it’s being left out altogether because it isn’t needed anymore. I took a look at informal communication platforms and how we communicate on them to figure out why this pillar of punctuation is being used less and less.

Emojis might seem cute, but they are clearly more powerful than they seem.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: A Spoiler-Free Review

So excited for this game!


Being part of the Official Fansite Programme comes with many advantages. As in previous years, Crystal Dynamics provided me with a free review code for Shadow of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One. At this point I would like to thank them again!

A few words to start with:

This review is spoiler free! I will also show only a few in-game screenshots to avoid showing too much in advance. One thing can be said for sure:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is not just the grand and grandiose finale of Lara’s origin story, but also (finally) a true Tomb Raider adventure again we all have been waiting for!

I’ll start with a few general words and game features and how I experienced them personally. After that, I will conclude this review with my personal impressions, further screenshots and opinion.

Note: Own captured screenshots are labeled with…

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Tomb Raider: Wishlist

Following the runaway success of 2013’s Tomb Raider, the 2015 sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider left no stone unturned when it came to upping the ante. But upon completion of Lara’s adventures in Rise, the inevitable question crops up… where will she go next?

Lara Croft has risen to new heights, leading me to ask, what’s in store for her in the next instalment?

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